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Symptoms of Broken Septic Tanks

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If you have a septic tank system at your Northern Colorado property, keeping it in good working order should be a priority. At NoCo Septic, we offer a variety of septic services to residential and business owners who rely on properly working drains and toilets. Having your system routinely inspected and cleaned can help extend the life of the tank. Septic tank failure can be a messy, hazardous situation and one that should be treated right away by emergency septic tank services.

It may be difficult to recognize a broken septic tank at first, but there are clear warning signs that indicate your system is suffering major damage. If you notice any of these signs, call the NoCo Septic team to complete a full and comprehensive inspection.

Sewage Odor from Broken Septic Tank

Unpleasant smells are often the first signs of a failing septic system. Sewage reaches a point where it can no longer advance into the tank and the odors begin to seep from your home drains. You may also notice the septic tank smell outside your home, which indicates a line leak. The distinct smell of septic sewage is a definite sign that it’s time to call the pros.

Excessive Moisture in Soil

An increasing amount of moisture in your soil indicates all is not well with your septic system. If the portion of your yard near the septic tank is growing much faster and greener than the other areas, you likely have an ongoing problem with your system.

Gurgling from Pipes

Do you hear a gurgling sound when you flush the toilet or run water? That bubbling sound indicated the septic tank is full and can’t hold any more waste. Continuing to use your toilets and water faucets could cause extreme damage to your system. Have the NoCo Septic team pump the system before you experience a complete failure.

Pooling Water or Sewage

Pooling water or raw sewage in your yard is a clear indicator that your septic tank is broken. Not only are you facing a hazardous mess, but your septic system could need to be replaced.

Toilet Stops Flushing

As the septic tank reaches max capacity of waste, it becomes harder for your toilet to flush contents down the drain. If you notice your toilet is refusing to flush, it’s time to take action before the sewage begins to seep back up into your home.

Let Our Team Repair Your Septic System Today

Keep your Northern Colorado septic tank system working smoothly with routine inspections, regular pumping, and being mindful of what is put down the drain and toilet. We’ll inspect your system, fully explain any challenges, and recommend the best solutions available.

Our goal is to ensure your home runs smoothly and your family is comfortable. By being aware of these warning signs, you’re more likely to recognize a septic issue and can have it treated before you’re stuck with a broken septic tank. The NoCo Septic team is available for regular inspections or complete septic tank system replacements.

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& northern Colorado!

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