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Septic Tank Maintenance

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No one realizes how much they rely on their septic tank until something goes wrong. Because these tanks are out of sight and out of mind, it is easy to put off routine maintenance and cleaning appointments. What you risk, however, is damage to your property and health.

Why Your Tank Needs Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your septic tank is important for both your property’s safety and for the life-span of your septic tank. When you use the septic tank, solids accumulate in the treatment tank as water passes through to the soil treatment area. Over time, the sludge layers that rest at the top have less settling capacity and will flow into the water portion. This will then cause solids to go directly into the treatment area and cause clogs in the lines. If this happens, you are faced with serious repairs and possibly replacement.

Signs You Need Maintenance

If you are unsure you need maintenance, there are usually a few tell-tale signs to look out for. It is important to note that most of these are urgent, and getting maintenance prior to these symptoms is the best-case scenario:

  • It has been over a year – NoCo Septic generally recommends that you get your septic tank cleaned at least once a year. However, if you have a larger home with a variety of users, you may need service sooner.
  • Pooling water – water accumulating around the drain field is a clear indication that your tank is full and needs pumping.
  • Bad smell – when your tank becomes full, the water will emit a foul smell around the drain field or septic tank.
  • Slower drains – there are a variety of reasons why your drain may be slower than usual. One of these reasons is that your septic tank is too full.
  • Sewage backup – a dreaded sewage backup is never ideal but is a clear sign that you need a cleaning.

Septic Tank Pumping

Wastewater that is collected into your septic tank is divided into three parts: solid waste that sinks to the bottom, water that sits in the middle level, and fats and oils that float to the top. Eventually, the top and bottom layers of waste need to be pumped in order to keep your septic tank working as it should.

Avoid DIY Methods

There are a variety of over-the-counter methods that claim to help maintain your septic tank without professional help. The problem with these solutions is that they can actually do more damage to your septic tank in the long-run. Research and experience has shown that professional pumping is the best way to care for your tank.

If you need or are unsure if you need septic tank maintenance, our team at NoCo will find a solution that works for you. Call us today to learn more about our septic tank cleaning services today.

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
Call 720-899-8749 Serving the northern Denver metro area
& northern Colorado!

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