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Septic System Inspections

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In rural areas like Northern Colorado, it is important to provide residents with clean, safe, and efficient septic tank services. At NoCo Septic, our team specializes in residential septic system inspections to properly assess the health of your system. Septic systems are sewer systems that are primarily used in areas where houses are spread farther away from one another, and they are not closely located to a centralized sewer system. Our team at NoCo Septic provides septic services to Boulder, Jefferson, Larimer, and Weld Counties in Colorado. If you cannot remember the last time your septic tank was inspected or just moved into a new home with a septic system, it is time to let the professionals at NoCo Septic provide you with a residential septic system inspection.

Locating Your Septic System on Your Northern Colorado Property

While most homeowners may know where their septic system or tank is located on their property, it is not uncommon for home or business owners who just purchased their property to not know where their septic tank system is located. It is essential for Northern Colorado residents to know where their septic tank is located, especially when they are having their system inspected or need it to be pumped. If you are located in Broomfield, Boulder, Longmont, Mead, or the surrounding areas, we are always available to inspect your septic system.

How Septic System Inspections are Conducted

At NoCo Septic, we provide our residential customers with thorough septic system inspections that cover a variety of points. From reviewing your historical permitting documents to checking the saturation of your leach field, we are as thorough as possible and take our time with every inspection.

1) Review of Historical Permitting Documents

We want to understand the entirety of your existing septic system that is serving your Northern Colorado property. The original permit commonly provides the date of installation which indicates how old the system is, the size of the septic tank, and the size of the soil treatment area as well as their general locations on the property. Our team will record the septic system data for future reference.

2) Inspection of the Septic Tank

Your septic tank contains critical components that protect the soil treatment area, also known as the leach field. The inlet, mid-tank, and outlet baffles are inspected for condition and to ensure they are securely fastened to the septic tank. We will specifically note the operating level of the septic tank. If it is too high, this could be a sign of a struggling soil treatment area and could cause backups inside your home. If the septic tank is below its normal operating level, this could be an indicator that the tank is not watertight and is leaking into the earth surrounding it. We also want to measure the sludge that has accumulated inside the septic tank before pumping.

3) Hydraulic Load Test

The hydraulic load test is conducted at the time of inspection to confirm the operating level of the septic tank remains at a normal level during usage of your home. We will operate multiple water fixtures inside the home to replicate indoor water usage. If the tank water level rises, this could be a sign that the soil treatment area is in need of repairs.

4) Septic Tank Pumping

We pump the septic tank to remove all liquid and sludge. It is a service that is a requirement for many Northern Colorado counties and lenders. This allows NoCo Septic’s trained technicians to complete a structural assessment of the septic tank. The structural assessment of the septic tank involves checking for structural imperfections within the tank such as cracks and corrosion.

5) Soil Treatment Area

The soil treatment area provides the final polishing of the wastewater before it enters groundwater. Inspecting your soil treatment area is critical to protecting environmental health as it disposes of your waste. The soil treatment area is visually inspected for saturation as well as monitoring pipes checked. The system is probed to identify saturation within the field, and once it is completed we can establish potential problems that could arise.

Throughout all the steps of your septic system inspection, we will be detailed in communicating exactly what we find and what needs to be accomplished to ensure the longevity of your residential septic system.

Benefits of Septic System Inspections

Septic system inspections are beneficial to your Northern Colorado home because they will be able to help you better understand an essential system that supports your property. It is hard to solve septic problems when you don’t know what is going on underground. At NoCo Septic, we only provide our customers with environmentally-friendly, affordable, and safe septic tank pumping and inspection services that they can trust.

Schedule a Septic System Inspection with NoCo Septic Today

If you are interested in our septic system services or you believe there is something going on within your septic system that you would like examined, contact NoCo Septic. Our team will always arrive within your scheduled time, and we will be ready with the proper tools and equipment to thoroughly and efficiently inspect your system. At NoCo Septic, your home is our number one priority, so contact us today to schedule an appointment with your trusted, local professionals.

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