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Common Septic Tank Problems

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The drainage system in your Northern Colorado home is likely not top of mind, but if you have a septic tank, it’s important to keep each part of the system running smoothly at all times. The NoCo Septic team offers a variety of septic tank services for homes and businesses in Northern Colorado. By using the most advanced technology and training each technician to meet our exceptional expectations, we can complete routine septic maintenance or replace your entire septic system.

Septic systems are complicated, especially to the untrained eye. If you suspect there’s a problem lingering in your septic system, contact NoCo Septic immediately to diagnose and treat the problem. Our team will inspect your issue and work to solve small issues before they become expensive or toxic problems. If you’re experiencing septic tank problems, there’s a good chance that it’s one of these common problems.

Septic Tank Clogs

If your Northern Colorado septic tank begins to show signs of trouble, consider the last time you had the tank pumped. Septic tanks naturally fill with the waste your family flushes and releases down the drains. If the tank becomes filled with solid waste, you may experience sewer backups, foul odors, or slow-releasing drains in your tub or sink.

How often you should have your septic tank pumped depends on a few different factors. The NoCo Septic team can complete an inspection to help you determine the best pumping schedule for your tank. Things to consider include the number of people living in your home, amount of water usage, and the size of your septic tank. For larger family homes that regularly run the washing machine, dishwasher, and have multiple showers each day, the septic tank may need to be pumped more often than for a couple who lives alone and cleans laundry once a week.

If you think your septic system may be clogged, but the tank was pumped within the past two years, it’s unlikely that it’s already full. In this case, there’s probably a clog between the septic tank and the house. A clog could also be present in one of the branch drainage pipes between rooms in your home. You’ll need to hire a professional septic tank maintenance company to determine exactly where the clog is located. To avoid septic tank clogs, flush only septic-safe toilet paper and waste. Wet wipes, paper towels, dental floss, and other foreign objects can quickly clog the pipes.

Invasive Tree Roots in Septic System

Tree roots will continue to grow, even when confronted with an obstacle. The incredibly resilient roots will grow through or wrap around your septic tank and pipes. A sewer camera inspection can help determine if tree roots are the cause of your septic issues.

A camera inspection is completed by our friendly and professional technicians with no disruption to your home or property. A malleable cable with a high-definition camera attach to the end is inserted into your plumbing. By moving the cable through your septic system, our technicians can detect any tree roots that have grown into the pipes.

Septic Tank or Line Leak

A septic tank leak isn’t always as easy to detect as you may think. Septic tank services in Northern Colorado can determine if a leak is present. One of the most common warning signs of a septic line leak is extremely green or flourishing grass when other areas of your lawn or shrubbery isn’t growing. It’s also possible that a septic tank leak with present itself in the form of raw sewage puddling in your yard. Call the septic experts at NoCo Septic if this happens. It’s a health hazard to your family and an environmental threat that you’ll want to address immediately.

Septic Tank Services Northern Colorado

Your septic tank system is designed to last several decades with regular septic maintenance. Having your tank pumped regularly, being mindful of what goes down your toilets and drains, and having a yearly inspection performed on your system will keep the septic tank working properly for the life of your home. Contact the NoCo Septic team now to see how we can help you avoid the most common septic tank problems.

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